USS Trusty

Combat Logistics Ship (AO-24)

Rear Admiral Jae Beckes , Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Beckes is a courageous 52-year-old man has gray eyes, a freckled complexion, and thick auburn hair in a flattop. He is a little short and fairly muscular. He was born in the peaceful city of Cheitia on Minor III. His executive officer is Commander Alva Radie .

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2258
Commissioned: March 22, 2225
Homeport: Hatalia III

Wayne Baldassara
Petty Officer 3rd Class

This surprising 25-year-old man has green eyes, a pale complexion, and wavy dull blonde hair cut short. He is a little tall and well-built. He is originally from somewhere in the Venatici system.
Ariel Blowers
Petty Officer 1st Class

This charismatic and surprising but small-thinking 26-year-old man has dark brown eyes, a pale complexion, and thick black hair left uncut. He is a little less than average height and quite athletic. He is originally from The Quaisia Refinery Complex.
Arthur Agle

This honest and sarcastic but suspicious 36-year-old woman has blue eyes, a rosy complexion, and thick light brown hair worn long. She is tall and quite heavy. She was born on somewhere in the Delphinus system.
Charity Tague
Petty Officer 1st Class

This breezy 28-year-old woman has hazel eyes, a deep dark complexion, and wavy platinum blonde hair worn loose about the shoulders. She is a little tall and athletic. She was born in Hoetios City on Sextans. Petty Officer 1st Class Tague previously served aboard the USS Gavotte (CVE-45).
Larraine Zenger
Lieutenant Commander

This debonair but crude 41-year-old woman has gray eyes, a tanned complexion, and curly light brown hair left uncut. She is of average height and athletic. She is from a farming town on Vannus II.
Julieann Walser
Petty Officer 2nd Class

This dominating 23-year-old woman has gray eyes, a olive complexion, and fine black hair in a long braid. She is a little tall and somewhat thin. She was raised in The Banilia Terraform Complex.


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