USS San Diego

Heavy Assault Dropship (LHAC-101)

Vice Admiral Jose Buchanan, Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Buchanan is a unfathomable 51-year-old man has dark brown eyes, a pale complexion, and fine dark brown hair in a military regular cut. He is a little tall and lean. He was born on a well established colony on Navita. His executive officer is Lieutenant Commander Freida Barrett.

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2303
Commissioned: January 10, 2287
Homeport: Hinesia VI

Air Crew
LCDR John "Sticks" Syvertsen
This stoic 29-year-old man has brown eyes, a fair complexion, and fine auburn hair in a crew cut. He is very tall and fit. He was raised on a communications relay station on Hatosia III.
Lieutenant Commander Male
Gun Crew
LT Annetta Nally
This insightful 35-year-old woman has brown eyes, a fair complexion, and thick auburn hair cut short. She is a little tall and quite athletic. She was raised on Sayalia Outpost.
Lieutenant Female
Marine Detachment
PFC William Clark
This anticipative and deceptive 21-year-old man has green eyes, a fair complexion, and wavy auburn hair left uncut. He is a little tall and a bit pudgy. He is from a listening station on Asheos.
Private First Class Male


Ship's company generator
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