USS Gravelines

Fuel Tanker (AOG-131)

Captain James Mathis, Commanding Officer

Captain Mathis is a amusing but sedentary 51-year-old man has brown eyes, a tanned complexion, and curly dark brown hair cut short. He is short and very good looking. He is originally from a frontier colony on Leo I. His executive officer is Lieutenant Commander Tammy Gray.

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2274
Commissioned: May 13, 2216
Homeport: Anchises IV

PO1 Charles Rodriguez
This liberal and glamorous but astigmatic 24-year-old man has hazel eyes, a tanned complexion, and straight golden-blonde hair in a butch cut. He is very tall and somewhat thin. He was raised on somewhere in the Aquila system.
Petty Officer 1st Class Male
SP Michael Arias
This skillful but aimless 21-year-old man has hazel eyes, a rosy complexion, and wavy strawberry blonde hair in a flattop. He is a little short and skinny. He is from the ancient city of Kelesia on Volans I.
Specialist Male
LCDR Jose Bailey
This undemanding 36-year-old man has gray eyes, a fair complexion, and curly strawberry blonde hair in a military standard cut. He is short and quite attractive. He was raised in a farming town on Anusia III. Lieutenant Commander Bailey previously served aboard the USS Gulnare (SSN-24).
Lieutenant Commander Male
SP Mona Parkin
This sober but small-thinking 20-year-old woman has dark brown eyes, a olive complexion, and straight dark brown hair in a mid-length ponytail. She is very tall and somewhat thin. She was born in an outpost on Alvus III.
Specialist Female
PO3 Christopher Davis
This discreet and droll but unrealistic 22-year-old man has green eyes, a fair complexion, and wavy light brown hair in a military regular cut. He is a little less than average height and slender. He is originally from the capital city of Engenia.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Male


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