USS James

Dropship (LCM/LCU-25)

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2227
Commissioned: May 26, 2219
Homeport: Tinaeos I

Air Crew
LCDR Milton "Sailor" Nesbit
This simple and modern 35-year-old man has hazel eyes, a pale complexion, and wavy platinum blonde hair in a butch cut. He is very short and somewhat thin. He is from Gagates Outpost.
Lieutenant Commander Male
Marine Detachment
LCPL Robert Neumann
This quiet 24-year-old man has dark brown eyes, a fair complexion, and fine golden-blonde hair cut regular. He is very short and quite attractive. He was born on a communications relay station on Bitios IX.
Lance Corporal Male


Ship's company generator
by u/mercuryvii