USS Geranium

Survey Ship (AGS-173)

Admiral Jessica Almiron , Commanding Officer

Admiral Almiron is a masculine 52-year-old woman has dark brown eyes, a tanned complexion, and straight platinum blonde hair worn mid-length. She is short and thick. She is originally from The Danista Refinery Complex. Her executive officer is Lieutenant Commander Mirta Linderman .

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2281
Commissioned: February 14, 2234
Homeport: Daulios I

Cary Tijerino

This dry 54-year-old man has gray eyes, a dark olive complexion, and curly strawberry blonde hair cut regular. He is very tall and attractive. He was born in the largest moon of Scutum.
Lakisha Cantin

This allocentric but compulsive 21-year-old woman has hazel eyes, a rosy complexion, and curly platinum blonde hair in a long braid. She is short and attractive. She was raised in a colony on the first moon of Ageenia in the Australe system.
Felice Blasingame

This sympathetic and dry 52-year-old woman has hazel eyes, a dark complexion, and thick auburn hair worn long. She is very short and athletic. She is from the peaceful city of Oldulia on Pegasus II.
Alvaro Franqui
Senior Chief Petty Officer

This felicific but pugnacious 31-year-old man has blue eyes, a deep dark complexion, and thick red hair in a butch cut. He is tall and athletic. He was raised in Cupressus City on Lepus.
Survey Analysis
Raye Gholson
Crewman Apprentice

This good-natured and reserved but resentful 15-year-old woman has brown eyes, a olive complexion, and straight brown hair worn long. She is short and fit. She was born on somewhere in the Musca system.


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