USS Expedition

Mechanized and Utility Dropship (LCM/LCU-84)

Captain Charlie Standford , Commanding Officer

Captain Standford is a self-defacing 56-year-old woman has gray eyes, a fair complexion, and curly auburn hair neatly braided. She is tall and heavyset. She is from a military base on Quaecia V. Her executive officer is Lieutenant Commander Bert Resnick .

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2308
Commissioned: February 10, 2303
Homeport: Ageicia II

Air Crew
Hortensia "Tumble Weed" Creach

This punctual but unpolished 27-year-old woman has blue eyes, a rosy complexion, and thick strawberry blonde hair pinned neatly back. She is of average height and athletic. She is from the largest moon of Triangulum. Lieutenant Creach previously served aboard the USS Bark of Bullen (CA-116).
Gun Crew
Wyatt Fryday
Petty Officer 3rd Class

This conscientious and unchanging but unfriendly 23-year-old man has blue eyes, a deep dark complexion, and curly dull blonde hair cut regular. He is short and heavyset. He was raised on Kelesia Outpost.
Gus Kendig
Senior Chief Petty Officer

This tough 30-year-old man has hazel eyes, a rosy complexion, and wavy golden-blonde hair in a crew cut. He is very tall and quite heavy. He was born in the second moon of Equuleus.
Marine Detachment
Stuart Zanotti

This efficient and enigmatic 28-year-old man has brown eyes, a rosy complexion, and fine brown hair in a butch cut. He is tall and slender. He was raised in an outpost on Queesia Prime.


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