USS Marksman

Destroyer Tender (AD-62)

Captain Renato Barlow, Commanding Officer

Captain Barlow is a extraordinary and unpredicatable but misguided 58-year-old man has dark brown eyes, a dark olive complexion, and curly red hair cut short. He is of average height and a bit pudgy. He was raised in the ancient moon of Tyrus in Horologium. His executive officer is Commander Deborah Phillips.

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2288
Commissioned: February 28, 2274
Homeport: Garynia VI

PO1 Veronica Byerly
This irreligious 25-year-old woman has blue eyes, a dark complexion, and straight jet black hair cut short. She is a little tall and quite muscular. She is originally from a communications relay station on Belinia III. Petty Officer 1st Class Byerly previously served aboard the USS Combatant (PC-23).
Petty Officer 1st Class Female
MCPO Michael Knight
This idealistic 37-year-old man has blue eyes, a rosy complexion, and straight red hair left uncut. He is a little short and well-built. He was raised on Thrisaos Outpost.
Master Chief Petty Officer Male
PO1 Major Weske
This capable and boyish but delicate 26-year-old man has dark brown eyes, a fair complexion, and fine auburn hair in a flattop. He is tall and quite attractive. He was born in the borderlands of the Ardeos outpost on Volans IX.
Petty Officer 1st Class Male
PO2 Hung Jones
This tough 23-year-old man has gray eyes, a fair complexion, and fine dark brown hair in a military regular cut. He is a little tall and of average weight. He was born in a colony on the first moon of Aldeos in the Carina system.
Petty Officer 2nd Class Male


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