USS Fernie

Dropship (LCM/LCU-125)

General Characteristics
Status: Active service as of 2252
Commissioned: June 15, 2226
Homeport: Erycia V

Air Crew
Seth "Rattlesnake" Unterburger

This thorough and earthy 29-year-old man has gray eyes, a flawless complexion, and thick jet black hair in a crew cut. He is short and portly. He was born in The Achylia Industrial Complex.
Marine Detachment
Emilio Charlebois
Lance Corporal

This well-bred but confused 21-year-old man has green eyes, a dark complexion, and straight dull blonde hair in a military regular cut. He is of average height and somewhat thin. He was born on somewhere in the Austrinus system.


Ship's company generator
by u/mercuryvii